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BØRNS Blue Madonna Review

I’ve been a fan of BØRNS since he came onto the scene in 2014 with his EP “Candy,” and ever since, I’ve been curious to see where he’d land in the world of pop music. In just a few short years, it’s clear he’s on an upward trajectory. His catchy hit “Electric Love” went platinum and helped award him a sold out 2016 tour, television appearances and numerous festival stops.

On his sophomore effort Blue Madonna, BØRNS doesn’t stray far from the poppy sounds of his 2015 debut album Dopamine, but he does deliver a record that’s a bit more refined. Despite some notable similarities to psychedelic, dream pop acts like Tame Impala and M83, BØRNS still impresses, proving he isn’t afraid to experiment with more eclectic sounds. There’s a nostalgic touch in each of the 12 tracks on Blue Madonna, with his signature falsetto taking precedent throughout. And this time around, he’s more reflective, taking us on this spiritual, soul-searching journey. On “God Save Our Blood,” vocals from Lana Del Rey help to create this ultra-dreamy track all about young love and a lust for life. On “Faded Heart,” we get a bouncy, glam rock track that finds BØRNS sort of grappling with his fate. The synth-driven “I Don’t Want You Back” and the distorted guitars of “We Don’t Care” show off a confidence we didn’t get as much of on Dopamine.

Overall, Blue Madonna is a solid record full of hypnotic melodies, poetic lyrics and hazy synths. His psychedelic blend of pop and glam rock gives us a retro sound in all its glory, albeit significantly upgraded for 2018.

Favorite Tracks: God Save Our Blood, Faded Heart, Sweet Dreams, I Don’t Want You Back, Man
Would Recommend : Yes