Jessica Goldman

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Learn about how my team and I introduced e-commerce and personalization to Choisi’s website.

Case Study


E-Commerce Creation



Choisi creates a bespoke experience for fashion-conscious shoppers by giving them a new way to discover the latest fashion from up and coming designers, all in one place. Currently, users are unable to browse and purchase items on Choisi’s website and the site has bounce rate of 60%. Our primary goal was to provide the site with e-commerce functionality so users can search, browse and make a purchase directly on the site itself.

the challenge

Choisi has an intuitive AI feature that offers users a personalized shopping experience, helping them find products best suited for them and their style based on tracking site habits and decisions. Unfortunately, Squarespace doesn’t allow for this software to be implemented. Our challenge was to figure out how to find ways to provide personalization that doesn’t involve Choisi’s AI software, so until they can incorporate that feature, users can still get a personalized shopping experience.


UX Designer


Web, E-commerce


2.5 weeks


Invision Studio



We initially received research from the company itself which focused primarily on it’s value proposition and placement amongst the luxury, high fashion market. We conducted further research using a variety of UX methodologies.


In doing a heuristic evaluation of the current site, the main pain points we found were how quickly we bounced from the site - all products link to affiliate links. With that said, the site lacks memorability - we were unable to remember how to find certain products since there is no way to search, browse and filter. Additionally, the designer pages were inconsistent and lacked organization, leading us to be unsure of what we could do or where we could go from those pages.