Iโ€™m fascinated with finding creative ways to solve problems and tell stories, even the messy process it entails. Simply put, Iโ€™m all about design that improves peopleโ€™s lives and makes the world a better place.

I like to seek situations where I can push myself out of my comfort zone, like traveling with 30 strangers throughout Europe or dropping everything to enroll in a full-time user experience design bootcamp. I want to immerse myself in new industries, new tech and new experiences to continuously learn more about the world around me and how I can make it better.

Iโ€™m interested in projects that are forward-thinking; I want to design transformative and impactful user-centered experiences. Iโ€™m currently seeking freelance, contract, and/or full-time UX/UI opportunities.


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After a few years working in digital marketing and social media, I realized something was missing. I love designing and being creative. Iโ€™m naturally fascinated with the human psyche and analytical thinking. UX is the perfect fit; my true passion lies in design that blends creativity with logic and reason, from making something beautiful to analyzing problems to their core.

Why UX?


The dream? To travel and work for a living. But until I can make that happen, on a good day youโ€™ll find me on a hike, at a concert, at a comedy show, or searching for the best KBBQ in town. Most days, though, Iโ€™m binging a TV show or watching endless cooking videos on YouTubeโ€ฆ

I also like to write about design, life, and mental health. All musings on Medium.


Outside of work



Iโ€™m currently working as a freelance designer in the LA area and remote. Iโ€™m also a committee member and volunteer designer with Sugar & Stilettos, a non-profit dedicated to eliminating food insecurity. I recently completed a user experience design program with General Assembly and hold a B.A. in Public Relations and Advertising from Chapman University.




Currently Binging

The Americans


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